Thursday, May 27, 2010

Denver Trip - Day 1 - Abilene, Kansas - Eisenhower Presidental Library

May 18, 2010 - We are on our way to Denver to attend my brother Dale's grandson's high school graduation. We are taking the scenic route through Kansas so we can visit a few places that we have talked about for years. The first stop is Abilene, Kansas and the Eisenhower Presidential Library. This is downtown Abilene at the visitors center.

The visitors center is in the old Union Pacific railroad station.

This is a small chapel on the Library grounds. Dwight, Mamie and their son Dowd Eisenhower, who died at 3 years old of Scarlet Fever, are buried here.

The Museum is one of the two main buildings on the campus. The Museum has all the interesting personal items while the Library has Eisenhower's papers and very little to see.

A nice bronze of Eisenhower keeps a watch over the campus.

The Library Building.

Murals in the Museum.

Murals depict Eisenhower's West Point Days.

Sigrid enjoying the displays.
West Point uniforms.

WWII military equipment.

Eisenhower's presidency was full of major historical events like the development of the Interstate Highway System, the first satellites and the beginning of space exploration, the early rise of computers, televisions, and transistor radios, Elvis Presley, and much more.

The old family home. Eisenhower and his parents, four brothers, and two nephews all lived in this very modest house.

Master bedroom.

Living room......for guests only.
Family room.

Dwight, Mamie, and Dowd's final resting place in the Chapel.
Flowers on the grounds.

Historic Old Abilene Town. The buildings are originals.

There are a number of great "mansions" in the residential parts of the city.

Can you find the flowers in the above two photos in this overall shot? Sigrid took these photos with her little Canon pocket camera.

The next stop is Lindsborg, Kansas.

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