Friday, May 14, 2010

Sigrid and Her Birdie

This morning we looked out the window onto the deck and noticed a small bird sitting on the deck. The bird's feathers were all fluffed out and he looked cold. I think that this is a Finch of some type. We have a bird book but I am too lazy to try and find it. What's in a name?

Sigrid went outside to see if the bird was okay. Sometimes they fly into our big windows and are stunned for a while. A few have died. When Sigrid bent over and put her hand out, the little bird climbed into her hand and seemed to like it there. I know her hand was warm. As you can see, her hand is open so the bird can fly away if it wants to escape.

Sigrid put the bird down after a couple of minutes and then it flew away into the trees. Maybe it got just enough warmth so it felt better. I hope the bird wasn't sick. We don't need the bird flu. Sigrid washed her hands after coming back inside. Hopefully, it was just a pretty little bird that need some love and warmth.


  1. That's the VERY rare Death-Feather Yellow Bellied Fark.... they are poisonous to the touch although it takes about a month for the symptoms to show up. Only two symptoms.... rectal bleeding and death.

  2. Leave it to you to ruin my cute little birdie post. I tried so hard to be positive about the event and handling a bird that looked half dead.