Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tyler & Petra's Weekend Visit - April 9, 2010

We picked up the kids on Friday night after school. It has been months since we have seen them and it was a shock to see Tyler's long hair. The last time we saw him, he had a summer buzz cut. We have to do something with Tyler's hair. According to his mom, this is the way he wants it. We will find a way to talk him into something shorter.
This photo is Tyler eating breakfast on Saturday morning.

Petra posing for Grandma's photos.

The kids get along pretty good and truly love each other.

The big treat of the weekend was going with Tom & Gail Highland, our neighbors, to get their big RV out of storage for a trip down to Louisiana.

Tom with Tyler & Petra getting ready to drive home.

Getting a feel of the driver's seat. They really look like veteran RVer's

What a change! Tyler looks great with his new hair cut and he likes it a lot.

Dinner was at Porky's BBQ in Grain Valley, MO. Great food!! Tyler & Petra loved it and ate all their food.

Tom & Gail's RV.

Dessert after dinner on the front steps (Gail, Tyler, Petra, & Grandma Sigrid).

A really nice weekend.

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