Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sigrid's Visit To The Missouri Capitol - April 6, 2010

It has been so long since the last post, I almost forgot how to do it.
Back on April 6th, Sigrid travelled to Jefferson City, the Capitol of the State of Missouri. Sigrid and her friend Cindy were part of the Hospice group that boarded a bus in Independence for the trip. It was "Hospice Day At The Capitol". The attendees were treated to a nice lunch and a tour of the Capitol Building. The leaders of the group were also there to do a little lobbying for the organization. If you follow our blog, then you know that Sigrid was in Topeka just a few days ago to tour the Kansas Capitol and other historic sites.

The Red Buds and Cherry blossoms were in their full glory.

All Capitols look about the same. They are all monuments to government.

Capitols are also blessed by lots of inspirational bronze sculptures.

Sigrid said that the interior of the building is very poorly lit and hard to photograph. I believe that this is part of the dome structure.

The big guys office.

Sigrid and Cindy. All the Hospice folks wore red so they would stand out.

A bust of Mark Twain

And one of Walter Cronkite......both Missourians

The Senate Chambers.

Doors leading to the Senate Chambers.

The House of Representatives.....notice all the red shirts.

The Speakers Podium.

One of many Thomas Hart Benton murals in the building. I have always been a big Benton fan. Yes..........Benton was a Missourian.

Children in period costumes visiting the Capitol.

The USS Missouri ship's bell. For those who don't remember, the USS Missouri "Mighty Mo" was the WWII battleship that the Japanese signed the surrendered documents on to end the war after the atomic bombs were dropped.

Protesters on the Capitol steps. Pick your topic.....I don't know.

More bronze.

Sigrid had a great time.
I do have more to come as soon as I get the time to put the posts together. Retirement is hell.

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