Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just a note to add to what we said at the top of the blog page. We are experimenting with this blog to see if it is a good replacement for our old ways of sharing our adventures with you.

We have inserted photo images into e-mails with text and then blasted them out to everyone......even those who didn't want to see them. I never liked the constraints of using e-mails, particularly because we use lots of photo images.

We also used the PhotoShow software to send a slide show with music. However, PhotoShow is a pain to work with and I sometimes have to start over when something unexplained happens to the show just before I send it or while I am sending it. I love the music but it won't let me use anything other than what comes with the software (copyright laws they say). I have already used all the good tunes and will be in a re-run mode if I continue. Adding text to go with the photos is very restrictive as far as the number of characters I can use and it detracts from the photo. As with e-mails, I blast the show out to everyone.

With the blog, you can check it any time you want to see if something new is posted. I believe that you can also have it send you an e-mail notification of a new posting. There will not be a daily or even a regular posting like some people do with their blogs. I expect that we will only post when we have a new adventure to share.

I may still blast an e-mail to let everyone know that there is new stuff to see. We may post on a daily basis while we are on one our adventures that will cover several days. A perfect example is our upcoming Hawaiian trip that will last 18 days. I may post a little every day if I don't have any technical issues with the Internet connection at the condos we are renting. Unlike past trips, I will send only one e-mail to let you know that there will be new posts on the blog. Then you can check them out or not as your heart desires.

Let us know what you think.

Sigrid & John

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