Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crown Center Shopping Trip - December 15, 2009

Crown Center's main entrance and Christmas Tree

Tree near the lobby of the Crown Center Hotel

Edel by a smaller tree

The Mayor's Christmas Tree in the Crown Center Plaza

Fountains in the Crown Center Plaza.....its only 20 degrees outside. They heat the water to keep it going.

Edel and a can tell that Edel is cold

Edel by another tree in Crown Center

John and Sigrid. I tried to smile but it was a shopping trip after all was said and done.

Sigrid had fun.

This is a pretty weak excuse for an adventure, but it is good practice for the important blogging in the future. Crown Center is a huge shopping, entertainment, and dining area just south of downtown Kansas City. It is part of the Hallmark Cards Campus and is owned and operated by Hallmark. Hallmark's corporate offices and main design and production operations are located in the campus complex.
We had lunch at Fritz's Diner inside Crown Center. Fritz's is known for their hamburgers and railroad theme. You order from your table by using an old style telephone to speak directly with the kitchen. Your order is delivered to your table by an overhead train set on rails. The food is dropped off on an elevator that lowers the food in a basket to your table top. There are lots of other model trains chugging all around you as you eat. Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures in the restaurant. Very interesting, but the food is just average.
After lunch, Sigrid and Edel explored the Crown Center shops and I (John) sat in a quiet spot and "people watched". I don't shop.
For those who don't know, Edel DeMaria is a family friend. Edel is the sister-in-law of our former neighbor (and still friend) Ann DeMaria. Edel just happens to be German born as is Sigrid, so they have lots in common and enjoy each other's company very much. Edel will be going to Hawaii with us in January. This will be Edel's first visit to paradise. She is extremely excited about the trip.

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