Saturday, November 2, 2013

CO Driving Trip - Getting the Family Together & the Bird House - 9/14/2013

We got into Brighton, CO fairly late in the day so we waited until the next morning to get together with family.  We met at a Village Inn for breakfast.  I am not going to name names in the know who you are.

Before we started the trip, Sigrid visited a new home construction site and picked up some lumber scraps that she wanted Mark to use to build a bird house.  Normally, 2x12's would be considered overkill for a bird house, but that is what was available.  Mark, being the excellent craftsman and all around good sport that he is, used his extensive workshop to design and build the bird house in a matter of minutes.  Here, Chaz is checking out the interior of the house.

Brother Dale, helped me supervise the project.

Mark has it all in his workshop.

Sigrid checks out the fit of the pieces.

The finished product....a three family condo built to last.  Its darn near tornado and small caliber bullet proof.

Derek, Chaz, and Cindy.

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