Tuesday, November 12, 2013

CO Driving Trip - The Blue Swallow Motel on Route 66 - 9/18/2013

We finally made it to Tucumcari and to our room.  This night is going to be special.  No Holiday Inn Express tonight.  Tonight we will be lost in the 50's at the Blue Swallow Motel.  The photos tell the story better than words.

Our room is on the end.

I am old enough to feel right at home in this room.

I love it.

After dark, it gets magical.

Many of the guest this evening are European and are out taking photos with me.  This is a really big deal for the Germans.

The tablet this woman is using and the cars are the only reminder that it is 2013.

Back to 2013 in the morning and on to Tulsa.

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