Monday, July 8, 2013

Florida - Disney's Magic Kingdom - 6/13/2013

This will be our third and final day in the Disney parks.  The Magic Kingdom is derived from the original California Disneyland Park.  It is designed for the younger children although it has evolved by adding more roller coaster type rides which cater to a slightly more mature crowd.  All the Disney cartoon characters are omnipresent throughout the park streets, performances, and parades.  Waits for rides are no better here than in EPCOT or the Animal Kingdom.

Once out out of the parking lot, you have your choice of how to get to the Magic Kingdom which is still a long ways away.  You can take the Monorail or the Ferry Boat.  We had ridden the monorail a couple of days ago so we opted for the Ferry.

The Polynesian Resort.

The Grand Floridian Resort.  If cost is no concern, these two resorts are great to stay at while here.  The Contemporary Resort Hotel is also nice.  All of them have direct access to the Monorail system in the hotel lobby and are first class hotels.  Sigrid and I have stayed at the Grand Floridian several times while I was here for business conferences.  If you are paying out of your own pocket, expect from $350 to $500 per night for the convenience and luxury.

The Monorail.

After getting off the ferry, you then have to go through ticketing.  Once in the gate, you see the Disney Railroad.  We decided to take a ride around the park on the train to get the lay of the land before trekking out on foot.

Main Street from the rail depot as we wait for the train.

Petra is enjoying the park.

City Hall.

The Town Square Theater.

Frontier Land.

Back on Main Street after the train ride.

The daily street parade begins.

The end of the day.....a very hot and humid day.  Everyone was exhausted and the bus air conditioning was a life saver.

I am still amazed how little changes from one decade to another in the Disney parks.  I am also amazed at the people who buy season passes and come all the time.  I have been to California Disney three times and Florida four times.  That is several lifetimes worth as far as I am concerned.  Thankfully, we are running out of kids to take and the business trips are in the past so we don't have any reason to go again.

The next post will be on our visit to Sea World in Orlando.

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