Monday, July 1, 2013

Florida - Disney's The Animal Kingdom - 6/10/2013

This post is a continuation of the previous one and one in a series of posts covering our Florida trip with our Grand-kids.

Buses to each of the Disney parks come to the Buena Vista Palace hotel every 30 minutes.  We went to the Animal Kingdom first because that was the first bus to arrive.  We will eventually go to them all and the order isn't really important.

All the Disney properties are perfectly maintained.  If someone drops a piece of trash on the ground, it doesn't last a minute.

Let the memories and exhaustion begin.  It was over 90 degrees each day with high humidity.  We will walk the parks for four days.

The waiting line for the Kilimanjaro Safari was 45 minutes long.  We made a beeline to it as soon as we went though the gates.  Latter in the day, the wait will be 2 hours.  You don't stand in one place for all that time.  They keep you weaving back and forth through the lush vegetation and mock jungle outposts so you don't get bored.

You ride on safari trucks through the animals.  The animals are all animatronics (robots characters) here.

 A Cheetah.

A rare White Rhinoceros.

The guys above got Grandma and the kids in a drumming mood.

The Tree of Life.

Cooling off.

In line for the Everest ride.....1 hour.

On the way out of the park, we saw a Rain Forrest Cafe and decided it would be a good time to eat and cool off.

Tomorrow is EPCOT.

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