Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Iowa - More Amana and Cedar Rapids - 4/24/2013

If you are just dropping into the blog, this post is just one of several covering our trip to Iowa.  You can see the others by clicking on the titles in the Archive List on the right side of the page.

Zubers Bed & Breakfast served up a very nice buffet style breakfast to get our day started.

The sun was shining today so Sigrid wanted to get a few photos of the buildings in Amana while the weather was nice.

We had finished looking at all the shops we wanted to see by about noon.  Not everything is open in the off season.  If you are here before May, many of the art galleries are closed.  We had lunch at the Ox Yoke Inn where they served German food in the same "family style" as the Ronneburg Restaurant did yesterday. It was good but we preferred the Ronneburg.

With the afternoon to fill, we decided to drive to Cedar Rapids and check out the Brucemore Mansion a day earlier than scheduled.  Below is the horse barn for the estate.

It is an interesting tour.  The house is small compared to the Biltmore in Ashville, NC but it is big for Cedar Rapids.  I was not allowed to take photos in the house so I don't have much to say about it.  Yes, I get irritated by these restrictions.  I can sort of understand them but not really.  If they were concerned about damage to the furnishings due to flash, then ban that.  I don't need flash.  They don't seem to be trying to sell their own photos so why not let people take their own.  I might have skipped visiting the house had I known about the restrictions.  I checked the web site to see if there were restrictions and I didn't see any.  So, because of the restrictions....no glowing detailed reports from me.

Tomorrow, more Cedar Rapids.

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  1. These places are beautiful! Your so lucky to get to travel. Being a student one does not get to do much of that. But what I really wanted to say was how much these pointless restrictions annoys me too! Here in India many places have these pointless restrictions, and I wonder, there are so many pictures of these places on the web, what difference would it make if I took some personalty? It does make a little bit of sense, but still, common!