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Iowa - Amana Colonies - 4/23/2013

It was a short drive from Grinnell, IA where we spent the night to the Amana Colonies.  There is no need to get here early since many of the shops and museums don't open until 10:00 AM.

The Amana Colonies were settled by German immigrants around 1850.  They fled Germany to avoid religious persecution as did the Amish, Mennonite, and a few others.  The people that settled here were from the Hessen region of Germany in the area around the Ronneburg Castle near Sigrid's hometown.  We have visited Ronneburg several times over the years and it is fun to come to Amana and see a restaurant named after Ronneburg Castle.

The Colonies are a collection of five individual villages.  The building style is very reminiscent of what you would see in Germany.

The High Amana General Store has been around since 1857.

This was the pumping station for coal oil (kerosene) purchased for lamps.  It is 100 years old and still working.

It's fun to see the old photos...those folks lived the history.

Who can pass up the chance to see homemade brooms and the largest Walnut rocker in Iowa.

The tools of broom making.

It is big.

The main drag in Amana.

The Ronneburg Restaurant is owned by Jana, a Czech immigrant who certainly knows about European foods.

The food was great and authentic.  Edel couldn't get enough of the beets.

After lunch, we visited the Historical Museum.

Onion Skinned Eggs.

We stayed a couple of nights at the Zuber Bed and Breakfast in Homestead, IA...just up the road from Amana.  As you can see, it is very nice.

Every Amana village has it's own water tower.

More Amana in the next post and Cedar Rapids

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