Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We Hit 100 Countries in Flag Counter - 12/11/2012

We started using Flag Counter on August 18, 2012 and set it up to display up to 100 flags from visiting countries.  Last night, in the wee hours, someone from Azerbaijan was curious about "big forests" and our blog popped up.  They checked out a post from our 2010 trip to Hawaii that covered our visit to Akaka Falls and the bamboo forests there.  I don't know if that is what they were looking for but that is what they got.  They were the 100th county.

So, in just under four months, we had visits from 100 different countries and 5,527 individual views of the blog posts.  Since the inception of our blog in late 2009, we have had over 43,000 visits from just about every country on the face of the earth......mind boggling.  Going forward, there will only be the top 100 countries showing in the Flag Counter box.

I suspect that there are lots of reasons why people visit our blog.  Some are just curious and have time on their hands, some are fantasizing about a far off part of the world, others are doing serious trip planning, students are doing homework assignments, government workers are researching some topic, a few are just checking out what you are saying about them, and friends and family are keeping track of what we are doing.

We enjoy blogging....sharing our adventures.  Knowing that so many people are also enjoying our blogs makes it even more fun.

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