Friday, December 14, 2012

The Schmid's - Branson - September 1, 2012

We actually arrived in Branson on August 31 in the afternoon and had a late lunch at Billy Gail's restaurant.  It is a fairly small restaurant but very popular with tourists as well as locals.  During peak times, parking is a big issue.  I know that posting stuff from August and September is a little stale and I wasn't going to do it but I talked with Gisela today on Skype and she mentioned how much she enjoyed looking at the photos on the blog so I decided to at least post this day's events since they were already set to go.  We are leaving soon on a cruise and I will not have time to do more until we get back.

Lars was a little stunned by the size of what he ordered.

Georg and Lars enjoyed the meal.  Later in the evening, we went to see the Baldnobber's show so our guests could get a flavor for country music.  The comedy was great but unfortunately it was mostly lost on our German friends...nothing we could do about that.

The next morning we set out to drive around the Branson/Table Rock Lake area.  In the photo below, we are on the stream just below the Table Rock Dam watching the trout fisherman.

Just up the hill from the stream, is the Shepard of the Hill's Hatchery.  We toured the facility and feed the fish.

You can see the downstream side of the dam in this photo.  The dam does have hydroelectric generators but the water levels were way down due to the lack of rain.

The Chateau on the Lake resort hotel is on the hill above the dam.

This is the high side of the Dam.

The Branson Belle Show Boat was on the lake while we were there.

Our next stop was the Big Cedar Resort Conference Center.  We were looking for a restaurant for lunch.  The Center was preparing for a big wedding later in the day.

We finally found the Devil's Pool Restaurant just down the road from the Conference Center.

A little more Branson sight is a crazy town.

In the evening, we went to see the Chinese Acrobats perform....a great show.  After the show we went to our favorite diner for cobbler and ice cream.  Gisela kept the jukebox playing oldies the whole time we were there.

Lars didn't see this one coming.

Tomorrow, we head back home.

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