Thursday, July 12, 2012

MLB Future All Stars and Celebrity Softball Game

Scott was able to complete his Father's Day gift to me last Sunday when he took me to the MLB Future All Stars and Celebrity Softball Games and Kauffman Stadium.  This event was part of several days worth of festivities leading up to the 2012 All Star Game.  It was over 90 deg at the start of the game but it wasn't too uncomfortable with the light breeze.
The local TV station trucks were all lined up outside the stadium.  Every major local station had a mini broadcast booth set up somewhere in or just outside of the stadium.  Of course, the FOX Network had equipment all over the place.  They had multiple commentary booths set up in the stadium including one out on the field just before the game started.  FOX was running 51 cameras where an ordinary game would have about 16.

 Scott posing with one of the game banners.

At the entrance to Gate C, they had the commemorative bricks laid.  Scott got me one as part of the Father's Day gift package.

 Scott located my brick.

The bricks are laded out in several "areas" designed to help you find your brick.  Interestingly enough, mine was in the October 27th 1985 area which commemorates the night we won the World Series.  I was fortunate enough to be at that game....what a night!

 These photos are of the Future All Stars Game.

 The Pepsi Fan Can and the Stadium Fountains.

 The Budweiser Party Deck.

 KCP&L's Solar Panel installation.  This is pure PR since the limited installation couldn't generate enough energy to do much more than cook a package of hot dogs.

 The big screen is spectacular.

 The KC Royals mascot, Slugger, fooled around on the field with mascots from the other Major League Teams.

 Lots of people working on the field getting ready for the start of the Celebrity game.

 American Idol winner, David Cook, warming up before the game.

 Kansas basketball coach, Bill Self, getting ready to play.

 KC Chiefs quarterback, Matt Cassel, talks to former Royal, Mike Sweeney.

 Bo Jackson was the American League team captain......because Bo Knows.

 The Direct TV Blimp was overhead all night.

There was a nice fireworks display after the game.

It was a night that I will always remember.  Thanks so much Scott!

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  1. Your welcome dad, Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. You are worth it all. Your pictures look great. Better then mine from the cell phone.