Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Grandkids Visit

Tyler and Petra spent a week with us around July 4th.  We picked them up from camp in Independence on June 28.  As always, we had a great time with loads of activities.  The heat really put a damper on some of the things we wanted to do, but we still stayed busy.  Here are a few photos of the kids.

Grandma and the kids got creative as they made ice cream.  We have a neat ice cream maker that doesn't need ice and salt.  You just freeze the inner tub and then put the liquid ice cream in for 30 minutes (it stirs the mixture just like the old time machines).  The ice cream is the consistency of soft serve when done.  We put it in the freezer to harden a little more before eating.  There is no end to the concoctions you can come up with using this machine.  If you want one, check out Cuisinart products.

We saw Madagascar at the Ward Parkway Theaters.....that was Petra's choice.  We all enjoyed the movie and the seats.  A couple of days later, we went to see Spiderman on the 3D IMAX screen at the Town Center Theater.

 Ohh no.....out of donuts.

We wanted to go see the new Aquarium at Crown Center, but we were there at a bad time.....bus loads of kids made the lines way too long and it was too hot to stand outside for hours so we went to Hallmark's Visitor Center and Kaleidoscope.  Tyler and Petra are on the upper end of the age bracket for Kaleidoscope but they enjoyed it and it was cool inside.

 Black lights still facinate kids.

For the Fourth, we went to Scott's house along with 20+ other family members.  We got a few smoke bombs and sparklers for the kids and they got to watch other family members shoot some larger fireworks.  We enjoyed Scott's grilling expertise and sat on the new deck which was actually cooler than being inside due to the large number of people and the A/C's struggle to keep up.  There was actually a little breeze outside event though it was 95 F+.  As the sun went down, we moved to a parking spot on View High Drive for the Longview fireworks display.  It was a great day.  We took the kids back to their home in Leavenworth the next day.  they will be off to another camp a couple of days.

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