Saturday, January 7, 2012

Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge

On December 29th, Sigrid, our friend Krista Klein, and I got up very early and hit the road to the Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is just south of Mound City, Missouri which is almost a two hour drive from our house. We arrived just before sunrise. If you want to see the birds on the water before they look for food, you have to get there early.

You really need to click on the photos to enlarge them to see the birds and the beauty of the refuge better.

Even though it was December, the temperature wasn't too bad.....a jacket was enough.

Sigrid and Krista.

The birds were all the way across the lake from us but we had to view and photo them from here because of the light from the rising sun. My 200mm lens was not quite enough.

The noise from all the birds was amazing.

There was just a little ice on the lake.

A Bald Eagle is resting on the Muskrat lodge. There were quite a few eagles around the lake.

This tree reminded me of my old Gateway Computer.

A young eagle near the nest.

If you look in the tree, you can see five eagles.

Bird watching can make you hunger. We stopped at Boudreaux's in downtown St. Joseph for lunch on the way home. I highly recommend Boudreaux's for its New Orleans style food. We all had crawfish and shrimp etouffee.

After eating, we toured around town and took a few photos. We especially enjoyed the old homes.

A great day!

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