Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Evening - 2011

It was another wonderful Christmas for the Browning Family. We worked hard at decorating this year since we were host a party and Christmas dinner.

Sigrid did an extra nice job on the front door area. We picked up a sled and, after this photo was taken, a pair of ice skates off of Craig's list to add to the holiday feel.

Inside was also warmly decorated. Sigrid does a great job!

We waited (as hard as it was) to open presents until after all the guest left after dinner so the tree would look nice.

This is a montage of some of the nine crock pots that we had in service for the dinner. We had 22 family members here for the meal.

Time to eat. We had a somewhat traditional meal. Instead of ham or turkey, we had beef shoulder roasts. Sigrid used three different kinds of crock pot seasonings so everyone could find a favorite. My favorite was the red wine/mushroom roast. I
don't have the right words to describe just how good it tasted.

Plenty of food left for the late arrivers.

Sigrid had already started surgery on the cake before I got over to take a picture.

We had tables set up in every available space to seat the 22 people.

Mom and daughter.

Mom (Pam) and sons (Chris and Tony).

Pam and Fiance Rick.

Corrine read us all a nice Christmas story.

We ended the evening with a White Elephant exchange. Everyone got a kick out of doing it.

Another Christmas to remember.

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