Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sigrid's US Citizenship and The Great Wall of China

We have been busy and posting has had to take a back seat for a while. I still have some good stuff to post, but as I said, there have been other things with higher priorities. I won't bother you with a list of all those things because it would be really boring.

The single most important thing that we have done recently, was work hard on getting US Citizenship for Sigrid. She has been in this country for 27 years and it kind of looks like she will stay here for the rest of her life so she might as well get the right to vote and serve on jury's.

We started on the project last year but got sidetracked with all the travel. After getting back from Germany this year, we vowed to complete the project. We had the N-400 application ready to go in July. We had to get some documents sent to us from Germany and then get them translated into English by a Washington DC specialty firm before filing. It cost about $800 so far. The USCIS moved quicker than we thought. It wasn't too long and Sigrid was in for her biometrics (photos and fingerprints) so the FBI could clear her to continue with the process.

On Monday this week, we finally had the Interview with a USCIS agent. In the interview, they go over all the info on the application and ask loads of other questions to assure themselves that you are a good candidate for citizenship. Normally, Sigrid would have to take an English reading and writing test, but she has been here long enough that they waved that part of the interview. She did have to take the US history and citizenship test. There are 100 standard questions that we had to study to prepare for the test. The agent selects 10 questions from the 100 to ask you. You must get at least 7 of the 10 correct to pass. Sigrid got them all right......we have been studying for over a year now. The bottom line is that the hard work is all done now and all we are waiting on is the invitation to take the oath of allegiance and get the certificate of citizenship. We are both pretty happy and excited.

As soon as we have the certificate, we can get a US Passport for Sigrid. After that, we will celebrate with a nice cruise. Hip, hip, hooray!!!!

A family member wanted to see our photos from a trip we took to China in 2000. Rather than get the old slide projector out, I scanned the slides from the trip so we can show them on the big screen TV. The one below was taken on the Great Wall. It never hurts to see a "golden oldie" photo.

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