Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Roasterie Coffee Company - Power Partners

On November 16, we toured the Roasterie Coffee Company plant with the Kansas City Power & Light Power Partners retiree club. The plant is located just off Southwest Boulevard near downtown KC.

The Roasterie purchases its raw coffee directly from the farmers in several countries around the world. Roasterie buyers actually travel to many locations to sample the coffees before buying in bulk. They only look at coffees grown at specific altitudes so they can get the very best quality available. As the beans arrive at their plant, they roast and blend the coffee based on the quantities and types order for the day. That way, the coffee is as fresh as possible for the consumer.

The Roasterie sells coffee under its own name as well as for other large sellers like Costco. Most of the coffee produced in the plant is used in the Kansas City area. The company is still growing and is set to expand its facilities greatly during the first half of 2012. They laugh about the fact that the local Folgers plant produces the same amount of coffee in three days as the Roasterie makes in a year.

Waiting for the tour and drinking coffee of course.

All kinds of coffee gear available for sale.

We had about 50 people in our group.

A demo on coffee tasting and grading.

No photos or loose hairs allowed in the production area.

Roasting equipment in the distance. After roasting and grinding if required by the order, the coffee is packaged in a bag that is filled with nitrogen as it is sealed. Keeping the oxygen out of the bag keeps the coffee fresher.

Tours are given every week day at 10:00 am and on Saturdays. Check with the office for details if you would like to tour the plant.

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