Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More on the 2011 Blizzard In Lee's Summit, MO

Here are a few more photos taken during the storm. There was heavier snow at one time but a pure white photo isn't much fun. This photo was taken around 4:00pm on February 1, 2011.

The next morning and the entire day following the storm was beautiful. These are trees in our back yard. I was fascinated by the shadows and the wind erosion lines in the snow. I guess it doesn't take much to mesmerized me.

I also loved the rings of snow around the tree trunks. I had to wade through near knee deep snow in a couple of places to get to the trees.

Shots like these are a little like laying tile. You have to have a plan or you lay your self into a corner. In this case, you have to avoid having your own foot steps in the snow or it will ruin the photo.

The back of our house.

The front side with driveway already cleared. Man....that was a lot of work. We had about 12 inches of snow and it drifted in spots to nearly 16 inches (40 cm).

Another house in the neighborhood.

It was so beautiful that we had to drive around Lee's Summit looking for good photos. Sigrid was the driver since her SUV has four-wheel drive. The roads were somewhat plowed so we really had no problem driving. We visited the Longview Farm and took a few photos there. This is the church.

The entrance to the Longview Mansion. The Longview Farm is a huge part of Lee's Summit. It was build many years ago by R. A. Long, a wealthy lumber baron. The farm has numerous buildings for various functions, but all with the same distinctive architectural style. It is worth Googling for more information.

The main house. The Lonview Mansion is used for private parties and business meetings. The horse barn was converted to a very modern elementary school. There is a large residential community named New Longview located on the land that was part of the original farm.

Part of the lavishly landscaped gardens at the Mansion.

The old Longview Water Tower. We can see the tower from our deck at home. It is spectacular as the sun sets behind it.

We went downtown to try a new Mexican restaurant. It was excellent. The snow is piled as high as Sigrid on 3rd Street.

Snow has drifted up to four feet high in front of some of the businesses that chose not to open today.

The Law Offices obviously weren't open.

Sigrid and I both did a lot of shoveling today.

A fun day and a blizzard to remember.


  1. A very cold wonderland. It was -23 C last night, but we stayed warm under the covers. This morning the air was very crisp when I went outside to get the newspaper.