Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hawaii Post Script

The Hawaiian Adventure is complete. Over the 19 days that we were on the islands, Sigrid and I took nearly 3,000 photos (about 12 gigabytes of storage). About 500 of those photos made it into the blog. I gave the new Samsung netbook a real workout and it did fine. I still have a few keys that are a little sticky from the wine, but I think they will get better with time.

The trip was a wonderful experience. The weather was perfect the entire time. The temperatures were just as I hoped they would be....80 F for the high and 70 F for the low of the day. We visited four islands. The trip to Lana'i was our first.

The only downsides to the trip were the rental cars. Alamo's cars were dirty and not maintained. We have rented our last Sebring. Mustangs have to be better. Car problems really didn't put a dent in the overall adventure.

We are back home to snow and cold. I guess 19 days wasn't enough. Our major challenge now is to plan the next adventure. We have several day trips lined up in the next few weeks that we will blog so keep watching. Another way to follow the blog is to sign-up for notification of new posts. That way you don't have to check all the time for new stuff. There are several ways to subscribe to the reminders on our blog page. At the end of each posting there is a link to "Atom" which will send you new postings if you have your RSS Feeds working. If you already have Yahoo or other types of log-in ID's, check out the subscription links for those.

If you go back to the first posting, you will see that blogging was an experiment to share photos and commentary with family and friends. I really liked the way it worked and I will keep blogging in the future. Amazingly, we have had over 1,000 people check out the blog from four continents (North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia). We have lots of friends and family in Germany, so Europe wasn't a great surprise. However, we did have several other European countries represented. I do know that our blog turns up in Internet searches on the "Key Words" we used and even in the text of our postings. One of the visitors did a search on "Ko Olina Wedding Chapel" and found us. Pretty neat.

More later.

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