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Jamesport, MO and the Produce Auction - July 13, 2015

Our friend, Saundra Jerman-Noble, visited us just after Independence Day and stayed for a week.  We had a great time and stayed busy the entire time.  One of the sight-seeing activities we did was to visit Jamesport, MO on July 13, 2015.  Our granddaughter, Petra High, also joined us on the trip.

Jamesport is a very interesting and unique town in north central Missouri.  Jamesport was founded in 1857 and is thought to be named for Dr. James Allen and James Gillilan, the men who laid out the town. However, it was originally called Auberry, with the name later being changed to Grant. When the town was incorporated as a city in 1872, the name Jamesport was adopted.  Jamesport has the largest Amish community in the state of Missouri.

We enjoy the little shops and restaurants and usually go to Jamesport once a year.  This visit will be a little different since we will go to the North Missouri Produce Auction for the first time.  The auction is held three times per week during the growing season.  It provides an outlet for the individual farmers, many of whom are Amish, to sell their crops.  The quantities auctioned are too large for individuals like us to purchase but it is fun to watch the action.

It was an hour and a half drive from home to Jamesport.  The temperature was around 96 F with a comfort index of 110 F due to the high humidity so it was a little uncomfortable.  

It is a common sight in Jamesport to see a carriage or wagon pulled by a horse on the street.

We had lunch at the Gingerich Family Restaurant.

One of a number of antique stores in Jamesport.

We stopped to check out the Simply Primitives Antique store.

Petra is the only thing in this photo without a price tags on it.

I found this piece really interesting.  It is a license for prostitution issued by Wyatt Earp in Dodge City, Kansas in 1867 to Elizabeth Sue.  It is good for three months.  A person can buy this for $55.  I am sure that it is not original.  The only question is whether it is based on an original or just something created to sell.  It is still interesting.

I used to play with cast metal cars and trucks like this one when I was very young.

The North Missouri Produce Auction began at 12 noon.

Getting unloaded and ready for the auction.

The young auctioneer was good at his job but you have to develope and "ear" for the cadence to understand it.

I noticed a number of the Amish men were drinking Mountain Dew from cans.  That reminded me of a Diane Sawyer news special on the poor of Appalachia and their addiction to Mountain Dew.  Dew is loaded with caffeine and does rot your teeth out if you drink enough of it.  I wondered if what I was seeing was just a coincidence or if the Amish here have something in common with the Smoky Mountain folks.

Here is a video clip of the auction.  Can you follow what is being said?

I have fun making the fruits and vegetables look special.  What else are you going to do if you can't understand the auctioneer and you are dripping with sweat?

Saundra and Sigrid.

We decided that we will not come back to Jamesport for a while.  We have seen about all there is to see here and it is a long drive for a buffet lunch.

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