Friday, May 1, 2015

Cakes n Cream Dessert Parlor - Branson, MO - 4/14/2015

Each time we go to Branson we have to make a pilgrimage to the Cakes n Cream Dessert Parlor on Highway 76.  The place oozes with nostalgia and sugar.  This is the place to go after an evening show if you are hungry or just want a bedtime treat.

My personal favorite is the cherry cobbler al mode.  Branson is about the only place we can find it any more so that means that we only enjoy it once or twice a year.  The infrequency of consumption tends to offset the less than healthy factors I think/hope.  If you haven't had dinner, the cheeseburgers and fries are also pretty good.  When you succumb to temptation, you might as well do it right.

As you can see, this place is a trip back to the 50's complete with jukebox.  Try it is you visit Branson.

That is the end of Day 1 fun.  Now, on to Dogwood Canyon as promised.

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