Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ozark Dogwood and Redbud Trees - 4/14/2015

We took a driving trip to Branson, MO a couple of weeks ago with two purposes in mind.  First, we hoped to see the dogwoods and redbuds in full bloom...something that has escaped us in the past.  We continually called the Dogwood Canyon office to check on the status of the trees since their blooming time is variable due to weather.  Blooming times here in the Kansas City area are not the same as down south.  The warmer southern climate usually accelerates the spring cycle so we were nervous when we saw our trees blooming before the trip.

The blooms on both trees are not long lasting so we were afraid we would miss the peak or miss the flowers completely.  As it turned out, the Branson blooms were later than ours this year and we did arrive at the peak of the blooming.....scratch another one off the bucket list.

Our second objective was to continue south to Bentonville, Arkansas to tour the Crystal Bridges Art Museum and then on to Little Rock to visit the Clinton Presidential Library.....scratch two more off the list.  The only thing marring the trip was less than perfect weather.  Our trips always include lots of photos and rainy days are not the best for that effort.

This post is the first of several covering the entire trip.  Future posts will be "newer" since posts stack on top of each other.  Check them out as they are posted if interested.

Here are a few of the first flowering photos we took on the trip.

The next post will be of Top of the Rocks golf resort near Branson, MO.

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