Saturday, June 7, 2014

KC West Bottoms First Friday - 6/6/2014

We had a great day for our KCPL Power Partners Retirement Club First Friday event yesterday. We had a day sunshine squeezed between days of rain and temperatures in the mid-70's. We gathered at Jerry's Woodsweather Cafe for a hearty breakfast before hitting the streets and all the shops. Later in the day, I suspect a few of us also sampled the great smelling treats at the food trucks. There were 41 for breakfast and possibly a few more who joined later for shopping.

Edel DeMaria and Sigrid study the menu.

After breakfast, everyone headed out to explore the shops.

The smell from the food trucks was unbelievable even after a big breakfast.  Mix the smells with music and you have a very festive atmosphere.

I didn't shop with Sigrid and Edel.  Sigrid took a few photos inside the shops.  As you can see, the merchandise is eclectic and very unique.

A keyboard coat hanger.

Sometimes bizarre stuff.

We can't figure out what kind of animal this is supposed to be.  Maybe a rat but the ears look like a rabbit.

It was crowded even on a Friday morning.  I wouldn't want to be here on a Saturday.  Parking and seating for dining is hard to come by.

That is a good looking cupcake.

You sit where you can.

It is kind of ugly in the West Bottoms but who wants to shop in a sterile mall all the time.  The Bottoms have a carnival atmosphere to them that make the experience a lot of fun.  If you are not a shopper, like me, then people watch and enjoy the food trucks.

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