Monday, December 9, 2013

Kristkindl Markt - 12/6/2013

Being German, Sigrid and Edel really enjoy visiting a Kristkindl Markt every year around Christmas.  In the Kansas City area, their favorite is the Country Club Congregational United Church of Christ in the Brookside part of town.  It was cold........15 degrees in the evening.

We got there before they were actually open so many of the photos have very few people in them.  After 6:00pm, it was packed and photos would have been difficult in the narrow hallways and small rooms.  We were also almost first in line for the food.  The brats were excellent. The sauerkraut was potent and I wished I had gotten the red cabbage.  I have never been a kraut fan.  The warm potato salad was delicious.  After 6:00pm, the line for food was outside the door for the rest of the night so we didn't go for seconds.  I would have loved another bratwurst.

The hallways of the church were covered with decorations and made to look like an old German village.

Even though none of the band members were German, they sure sounded German and played well.  After dinner, we stayed longer just to hear the music.  Edel and Sigrid requested the song Edelweiss from the musical, The Sound of Music.  The band did it nicely.

This fellow played the flute, clarinet, and the saxophone.

Note the Swiss Long Horn on the floor.  There were two long horn players there that night and they were awesome.

Before the masses arrived to eat and listen.

Lots of ginger bread houses.  I'll bet the kids of the church had something to do with them.

There were a number of vendors there with all kinds of items both ordinary and international.

Lots of tasty cookies.  I like the butter cookies the best.  Sigrid bought a box of cookies of all kinds.  We ate a few with dinner and took the rest home.  The next day, I was looking for the cookies but they had all disappeared....pretty let down.

Here, you buy a chance at getting a really nice wine.  For $10, you get to pick whichever bottle you want.  Once the cover is removed, you might find that you have a $50 wine if you are lucky.

It was a fun Friday night.  The walk back to the car was even worse that earlier due to the wind picking up and the temperature dropping.  It sure felt like winter.

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