Thursday, October 31, 2013

CO Driving Trip - San Juan Mountains and Telluride Resort - 9/12/2013

As we headed towards Telluride, we saw an awesome sunset on the San Juan Mountains.  We jumped out of the car and took a few quick photos.  The wonderful lighting only lasted a few seconds.

We arrived at the Mountain Village Resort at dusk.  I was tired and it took a while to figure out where to park and where our room was located.  I was on the way to drag all the luggage from the car to our room.  There was nothing convenient about the Village.  It is a great ski resort to stay a week at I suspect, but not an easy place to spend just one night.  You can see a little frustration in the photo.  Sigrid was on the balcony of our room as I passed below her.

The room was very nice with a living room and separate bedroom.

Very rustic and romantic.  There is a large stone fireplace just to the right of the photo.  We started it for a few minutes but the room got too hot almost immediately.  It really wasn't that hot outside.  We also had a full kitchen which we didn't get to use in our one evening.  Sigrid got a great price for our stay off the internet.  It didn't cost any more than a Holiday Inn since we were there in the off season.

The next post will have more of Telluride.

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