Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Longview Lake Birds - 1/28/2013

Sigrid and I made a short trip to Longview Lake to practice with some new and old photo gear.  The lake is only a few minutes from our home in Lee's Summit, MO.  We knew that there would be some friendly and not so people shy birds/fish at the Marina.  People often go there to feed the animals.

In Sigrid's case, she is learning how to use my Canon XTi Rebel SLR camera.  She has always used a little pocket camera which took okay photos, but not high quality.  Composing a good photo with an LCD screen is always challenging.  My Rebel became available with the purchase of a Canon 5D Mark III which I use.  I also have a 70-200mm Canon EF L IS lens which I fitted with a newly purchased Canon 2X Teleconverter.  The teleconverter doubles the telephoto capability of my existing lens at a fraction of the cost of buying a 400mm lens and also save a ton of weight in the camera bag.  So we are practicing today.  Here are a few of the photos.

I like the results.

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