Monday, April 2, 2012

The Hermann Wurstfest - March 24, 2012

We are really knocking off the bucket list items this year.  On March 24th, we drove three hours (almost to St Louis) to Hermann, MO to take in the annual Wurstfest.  We had been to Hermann before, although it was a number of years ago.  We came away disappointed on the first trip.....The German restaurant didn't have German food and the town wasn't very interesting except for the Stone Hill Winery that we toured.  This time was different.  In the years since our first visit, they have obviously enhanced the town for tourism and it does have a stronger German feel to it.  We brought grandson Tyler with us on the trip.....he really isn't into wursts and is way too young to drink the beer, so he didn't enjoy the trip quite as much as Sigrid and I did.

They have a nice trolley service that takes you on a tour of several of the wineries for $16/person.  In my opinion, it would have been nice to use the trolley like a shuttle bus between the two main locations at the fest, but they didn't do that so we just drove ourselves around town.

The main location for the fest was downtown at the Festhalle.  The second location was at the Stone Hill Winery.

 The drive was nice with all the flowering trees in full bloom.

 Most of the following photos are just shots of the scenic little town.

 There is a hotel and restaurant in the Festhalle.

If you have ever been to Germany, you will know that the decor is authentic.

The Women's restroom.  Men are Herren's.

The main hall where the wurst tasting was held.  They had about 140 different kinds of wursts......more then Sigrid has ever seen in one place.....and she is German.  The fest was a competition event as well as a tasting opportunity.  There were both professional and amateur categories.

We had lunch at the restaurant at the Stone Hill Winery.  Sigrid and I had Jaegerschnitzel with red cabbage, and German potato salad.....very good.  Tyler had chicken nuggets...his standard meal.

 There were German folk dancers and music inside but the lines were too long for us.

 We drove back the same way we came.  He hustled a little since we were having family in from Denver later in the afternoon.  My niece, Luana, her husband Mark, and daughter Lexi will spend three days with us as they head for a short stay in Branson.

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