Sunday, January 2, 2011

A/NZ - Auckland, New Zealand - Day 30

We arrived in Auckland about 8:00 am on our last day in New Zealand. Too bad it couldn't have been a sunny send-off. We will hop on a tour bus for a drive around the city before being dropped of at the airport around 2:00 pm.
The Ferry Building is straight ahead.

Our last look at our home for the last 28 days.....the m/s Volendam. It is was great ride.

As has been the case before, we are on a bus with little opportunity to take any good photos of what we see. We took pictures but most had to be thrown away due to blurring or reflections in the bus windows. Here is one of the older churches in Auckland.

Our main stop for the day was at The Domain, Auckland's War Museum. There are displays of military hardware and memorials to the countrymen and women who fought for New Zealand during various wars. The museum also honors other countries who fought with New Zealand like the U. S.
However, the war related items are completely overshadowed by the incredible collection of Maori and other Polynesian items. In fact, the collection is considered the finest in the world. The museum is probably misnamed. I would call this a natural history/cultural museum rather than a war museum.

Auckland's Sky Tower dominates the skyline.

Stained glass ceiling in museum.

Part of the war memorial section of the museum. The names of all those killed in war are engraved on the stone walls.

A recreation of old Auckland.

A Japanese Zero fighter.

World War II airplane propellers.

As you travel around the world, you realize how small it really is when you see images so similar to what you have seen in other places. These types of figures are all over Polynesia. They are very similar to totems and figures found in Alaska, Africa, and even South America.

It's a natural history museum any time you have dinosaur bones.

The Kiwi.........the national symbol for New Zealand.

Maori canoe.

A panoramic view from Mt Pukekawa.

When we got to the airport, our bags were waiting for us right where the bus stopped. We got checked in and just relaxed for the remaining four hours before our plane departed. It was a nice trip back home which I detailed in an earlier post on December 5th (We are back home).

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