Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Retirement Goal Update - 2010

At my retirement in 2006, I set a couple of goals for our travels. The first was to visit all 50 states and the second was to visit 6 of the world's continents. It is time for an update.

On the domestic side, we have been to 37 of the states. All that remains is the upper Midwest and the northeastern states. One good driving trip, which may happen next year, could pretty much finish this goal. Of course, we wouldn't be able to see everything, but we could check the states off the list of unvisited places. I expect that after the driving trip, we would make more focused trips back to places like New York City or Boston and could fly rather than drive. Sigrid and I have been in some of these states individually for business or just getting from one place to another, but our goal involves being there together for the purpose of sightseeing.

On the international front, we have been to three continents so far. If I count the Australia/New Zealand cruise that we have booked and will be leaving for in a few weeks, we will be at four before the end of the year. This would include 22 different countries.

We will never see all the countries of the world and don't really want to due to the risks and costs. We do love the peaceful countries, their cultures, and arts.

South America and Peru (Machu Pichu) are high on the list as is the Mediterranean. Africa would be a great cruise as well.

Hopefully our health will continue and the economy will slowly get better so we can afford to complete our goals.

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