Friday, June 4, 2010

Denver Trip - Day 5 - Sheep Shearing

On our way to a post graduation party for Jarek, we passed by farmers who were shearing their sheep's winter wool. Sigrid was pretty excited about seeing this so we turned the car around and went back for a look. Sigrid isn't bashful about asking questions and loves new experiences. Fortunately, the farmers were very receptive to the questions and the photos. The sheep in the photo below are awaiting their turn. It was pretty warm so they have to be hot with all that wool.

Now that's better.......probably almost chilly.

Collected wool. They were shearing two different kinds of sheep. Each has wool with unique characteristics. Sigrid got a sample of both kinds and you could feel the difference.

Pleeeeease be careful.

Hard work as you will see in the video.

Click on the Play button to start the video. As you will see, the sheep don't seem to mind the shearing. The sheep being sheared belongs to the little girl in the video.

Now, off to Jarek's party.

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  1. aww that was sweet! That looks like a very back-breaking amount work!